Bo Motor Dual Shaft(...

Bo motor (Battery Operated) is a lightweight DC geared motor. The biggest advantage of these 100 RPM Single Shaft BO motors is that they give good torque and rpm at lower operating voltages.

A small shaft with matching wheels gives an optimized design for your applications like a robot, etc. Mounting holes on the body & lightweight makes it suitable for in-circuit placement. This motor can be used with a 69mm Diameter Wheel for Plastic Gear Motors.

The motor is ideal for DIY enthusiasts. This motor set is inexpensive, small, easy to install, and ideally suited for use in a mobile robot car. They are commonly used in our 2WD platforms.


A dual-shaft BO motor, also known as a TT motor, refers to a type of motor with two output shafts. These motors are commonly used in robotics, DIY projects, and small-scale automation systems. The dual shaft design provides flexibility and allows for the connection of additional components or mechanisms on both ends of the motor. The TT motor offers compact size, moderate torque, and easy integration, making it popular for various applications that require precise and controlled rotational motion.


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