L298 Motor Driver


    1. L298 2A Dual Motor Driver Module with PWM Control (6 ~ 12V) which is the revised version of the DF-MDV1.0.
    2. Its performance has been improved greatly.
    3. It can bear a larger current due to the increased heat sink dissipation.
    4. It is easy to control, using LGS’s outstanding high-power motor driver chip, the L298N.
    5. This chip allows for direct drive of two bi-directional DC motors and incorporates high-speed short diodes for protection. Drive current up to 2A per motor output.
    6. The driver uses a broad-brush design to reduce wire resistance.




  • Driver Model: L298N
  • Operating Voltage: 5 ~ 35VDC
  • Continuous Current: 0-36mA
  • Peak Current: 2A
  • of Channels: 2
  • Over-Current Protection: Yes
  • Thermal Protection: Yes
  • LED Indicator: Yes
  • Cooling Fan: No
  • Arduino Sheild: No- can be used with Wire connection
  • Maximum motor supply current: 2A per motor.
  • Current Sense for each motor.
  • Heatsink for better performance.
  • Power-On LED indicator.
  • Double H bridge Drive Chip: L298N
  • Dimensions in: mm
  • Length: 44mm
  • Width: 44mm
  • Height: 28mm
  • Weight: 25gm


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