LDR Module

Product Highlights:

  • LM393-based design.
  • It can detect ambient brightness and light intensity.
  • Adjustable sensitivity (via blue digital potentiometer adjustment).
  • Output Digital – 0V to 5V, Adjustable trigger level from preset.
  • LEDs indicating output and power.
  • Mounting hole
  • Power and Signal indicator LED
  • Analog and Digital Out
  • Adjustable threshold (via potentiometer)
  • Input Voltage (V): 3.3 to 5



Specification: LDR Module

  • Maximum power dissipation is 200mW
  • The maximum voltage at 0 lux is 200V
  • The peak wavelength is 600nm
  • The minimum resistance at 10lux is 1.8kΩ
  • Maximum resistance at 10lux is 4.5kΩ
  • Typical resistance at100lux is 0.7kΩ
  • Dark resistance after 1 sec is 0.03MΩ
  • Dark resistance after 5 sec is 0.25MΩ


Advantages: LDR Module

  • Sensitivity is High
  • Simple & Small devices
  • Easily used
  • Inexpensive
  • There is no union potential.
  • The light-dark resistance ratio is high.
  • Its connection is simple


Applications:LDR Module

  • Light sensitive devices
  • Light intensity meter
  • Burglar alarm circuit


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