Node MCU ESP8266

This board is an excellent choice for IoT projects due to its high processing power, in-built Wi-Fi / Bluetooth, and deep sleep operating features1. It’s also easy to program with the Arduino IDE

Product Highlights:

  • Operating Voltage: The operating voltage is 3.3V.
  • Input Voltage: It can take an input voltage of 7-12V.
  • Programming: It can be programmed with the simple and powerful Lua programming language or Arduino IDE.
  • Wi-Fi Enabled: It includes firmware that runs on the ESP8266 Wi-Fi SoC from Espressif Systems.
  • Open-source: It’s an open-source, interactive, programmable, low-cost, simple, smart, Wi-Fi enabled Arduino-like hardware IO.


Wifi Module ESP8266
Power Input Voltage 4.5 – 9 volts
Communication Interface Voltage 3.3 volts
Flash Memory 4 MB
USB-Serial CP2102
ADC AD0(1channel)

The development board has an ESP-12E module with an ESP8266 chip with a Tensilica Xtensa® 32-bit LX106 RISC CPU that supports RTOS and runs at 80 to 160 MHz configurable clock frequency. There’s also 128 KB of RAM and 4MB of Flash memory (for application and data storage), which is more than adequate to handle the enormous strings that create web pages, JSON/XML data, and everything else we want in IoT devices these days.


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