Servo Motor SG90


  1. High quality and high-cost performance.
  2. All Nylon Gear.
  3. 245mm connector wire.
  4. Large stall torque of 1.6 Kg.
  5. Small size and lightweight.
  6. With 3 sets of servo horns and fittings.




TowerPro SG90 Servo Motor is lightweight, high-quality, and lightning-fast. The servo is designed to work with almost all radio control systems. It is with excellent performance and high torque of 1.5 kg-cm giving you the freedom to use it for a variety of projects. The SG90 micro servo motor with accessories is perfect for RC copter, plane, car, boat, and truck use.

We believes in satisfied customers, so whatever the product is we first import them and then test them for their supplier-defined and standard capabilities. After all the possible quality checks, we make the product available to our customers.

It equips Carbon Fiber Gears which makes the SG90 servo motor much lighter than the same metal gear motor. For small load applications using the metal gear, the servo motor adds unnecessary weight, so we suggest using these lightweight plastic gear servo motors.

The TowerPro SG90 Micro Servo Motor is a 180° rotation servo. It is a Digital Servo Motor that receives and processes PWM signals faster and better. It equips sophisticated internal circuitry that provides good torque, holding power, and faster updates in response to external forces.

Wire Description

  • RED – Positive
  • Brown – Negative
  • Orange – Signal


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