Soil Moisture Sensor

Product Highlights:

The Soil Moisture Sensor is a valuable tool for agriculture, gardening, and other applications where monitoring soil moisture levels is important. Here are some of its key features:

1.     Precision: These sensors use an electrical current to detect the presence of water in the soil.

2.     Data Integration: The sensors send the information to a computer that displays the results digitally.

3.     Versatility: Current soil moisture sensors have developed to provide much more than just soil moisture measurements1.

4.     Ease of Use: They’re often paired with a comprehensive digital data platform, so users have access to a range of valuable field, crop, and weather data.

5.     Sustainability: Insights from this data can lead to better decision-making resulting in optimal use of resources, profitable yield, and even yield increases.


A soil moisture sensor is an electronic device used to measure the moisture content of soil. It is commonly used in agriculture, gardening, and environmental monitoring applications. The sensor works by measuring the electrical conductivity or resistance of the soil, which correlates with its moisture level. Soil moisture sensors enable users to monitor and optimize irrigation schedules, prevent overwatering or underwatering, and ensure optimal conditions for plant growth.


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