Step-Up Boost Conver...

Input Voltage 10V-32V DC
Max. Input Current 10A
Output Voltage 12V-35V DC
Max. Output Current 6A
Output Power 150W
No Load Current 25mA
Dimension 68x48x23mm



When you need to step up the DC voltage from a certain value to a greater value, a boost converter is needed. Unlike AC voltages, which can be easily controlled with a transformer, DC voltages are more difficult to manage since they cannot be controlled with a transformer and instead require switching regulators. With up to 150W output power and 6A current, this versatile DC-DC boost power supply/converter module converts any input voltage from 10V to 32V to any output voltage from 12V to 35V.

It’s particularly required for automotive 12V applications, where typical 12V battery power may be increased to 19V for use as a laptop computer power supply, or to 18V or 24V for other applications that require greater voltages.


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