Top Arduino Projects for Engineering Journey

Arduino is one of the platforms for the beginners to start their engineering journey. It is fantastic way to start on with Arduino as it is simple, versatile and affordable. Arduino covers a wide range of applications, such as automating your home, creating smart gardening systems, building robots, designing IoT devices, and even making wearable technology.

Arduino is a microcontroller development board which have inbuilt RAM and ROM. To operate this microcontroller we need to connect it to the Computer. These Arduino projects provide a great opportunity to learn programming, electronics, and problem-solving skills.

List Of Arduino Projects To Get You Started

  • Soil Moisture Sensor With Arduino
  • Automated Plants Watering System
  • Smartphone Controlled Arduino Based Bluetooth Car
  • Earthquake Indicator Using Arduino

Let me elaborate you briefly on these projects you can enjoy starting with Arduino.

Soil Moisture Sensor With Arduino

Our soil moisture sensor: when we stick it in the soil, it checks how much water is in there. The probe (measuring instrument) has these two metal bits that measure how easily electricity can flow through the soil. More water means easier flow, less water means it’s a bit tougher. The sensor then tells us what’s up with the soil moisture. It’s like having a little meter to check if your plants need a drink!

As we talks about the components of our soil moisture sensor setup, we’re looking at two main parts: the sensor probe and the electronic module. The sensor probe is where the action occurs – it’s got these two big conductive pads that act like little detectives, sniffing out the moisture in the soil. Think of it as the frontline soldier in our moisture-measuring mission. Then, we’ve got the electronic module, which is like the brain behind the brawn. It takes the data from the probe and processes it into something we can understand.

Automated Plants Watering System

A setup where technology fusion effortlessly with nature, allowing you to take control of your plant care routine. A project that has its great potential in practical use. Arduino makes it easier from beginners to pro to explore and transform our lifestyle on our daily basis.

The moisture sensor gives you a reading that is inversely related to how moist the soil is. If the sensor is in water, the measurement should be very low, while if the sensor is in air, the measurement should be very high. To do this we also need to set two thresholds to determine when to start and stop watering. Adjustment to the moisture threshold in the code to suit your plant’s watering needs and keep your plants healthy. Modify timing parameters to optimize water usages and plant health. Considering adding the features like display or wi-fi will provide you access to control through your mobile phones and other devices

Smartphone Controlled Arduino Based Bluetooth Car

Thinking of making a commanding robot car. Well, Arduino simplifies it for you to take your thought into action. This project equips you with the tools and know-how to build your very own Bluetooth-controlled robot car, ready to zoom and zip at your every impulse.

In this project, we will make a wirelessly Bluetooth controlled robot car using Arduino as the microcontroller. It is exciting project which is a combination of wireless communication, robotics, and electronics. We can able to control the robot using our smartphone. We are integrating a Bluetooth module for seamless wireless communication between the robot car and Bluetooth-enabled devices.

Earthquake Indicator Using Arduino

An earthquake is an unavoidable and unpredictable natural phenomenon that sometimes
causes damage to lives and property. We cannot stop this phenomenon but we can stay alert
and aware using technology. This project is an initiative, to be stay alert and aware before
the earthquake come. technology we use in this module is very cheap and handy, all the
components are easily available in the market and less power consuming, so that a user do
not have any problem to run the device 24*7 for all 365 days .

If the motion is violent enough during an earthquake and crosses a certain threshold, a local alarm light (LED) glows, a buzzer sounds and a relay energizes. With certain modifications, this can be turned into a knock-and-shake detector for ATMs, vehicles, or door-break alarms as well.

These are the above described projects for the beginners to start in their engineering journey which Arduino makes it easier and possible for all to make our day to day activities easier and luxurious.
You can get to know more about such DIY projects through this link: https://www.electronicsforu.com/arduino-projects-ideas

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