Gadgets to shape my engineering journey

Namaste Everyone! If you are here reading this blog, we are on the same page exploring new gadgets, starting engineering journey with cool projects. I have always dreamt of joining engineering to build a career in it. Today, I am a student of Thapathali Campus who wanders around Kathmandu, Asan Bazar. I got to know about a renowned electronic shop called “Real Daam.”

As a new and fresher, myself coming all the way from east of Nepal to its heart the capital city “Kathmandu valley.” So, I am excited to share my journey with you all about cool engineering projects. If you are like me and want to get your hands on some awesome stuff let us start right away.

Real Daam provides us with hands on gadgets and electronics item like Arduino Nano, PIR motion sensor, Robot wheels, Servo motor SG90, Soil moisture sensor and many more. These are good gadgets to start up for projects. And let me tell you, the feeling of satisfaction when you find the perfect device is unparallel. It is like finding the main missing piece of the puzzle that completes your project. I will put the link below so that it will be easy for you to order the gadgets online.

Let me share the projects I made with those gadgets:

  • Automated Plants Watering System
  • Soil Moisture Sensor with Arduino
  • Earthquake Indicator using Arduino

All these projects have been helpful in my study and Real Daam makes it possible. Real Daam is known for its wide selection of electronic gadgets that helps you to make awesome DIY projects easier. And the best part? You can usually find all these gadgets online and get through online shop like in Real Daam.

So, to all the fellow enthusiasts I invite you to join me on this exciting journey with Real Daam if you are searching for an electronic shop near Kathmandu. Get to know all the possibilities the tech has to offer with Real Daam and keep updated in this tech world.

Real Daam Home page: https://www.realdaam.com/

Shop page link: https://www.realdaam.com/shop/

Arduino Nano link: https://www.realdaam.com/product/arduino-nano/

PIR Motion Sensor link: https://www.realdaam.com/product/pir-motion-sensor/

Servo Motor SG90 link: https://www.realdaam.com/product/servo-motor-sg90/

Robot Wheel link: https://www.realdaam.com/product/robot-wheel-for-bo-motors-65mm/

Soil Moisture Sensor link: https://www.realdaam.com/product/soil-moisture-sensor/

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